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Finalist at the World Tour Paddling Film Festival, ‘Svaha’ tells the remarkable story of a 2000-mile, three-month sea kayak expedition across the Caribbean Sea from Grenada to Miami, through some of the world’s most treacherous waters. It’s a journey attempted only twice before.


Childhood friends Will McCreadie and George Parry, both 21, undertook ‘The Golden Arc Expedition’ in 2016 to raise money for their charity, the Get Exploring Trust (GET). GET gives grants to disadvantaged young people, allowing them to experience the great outdoors. Will and George were the youngest kayakers ever to attempt the perilous journey.


With just one day of sea kayak experience between them, they quickly discovered they’d badly underestimated the dangers they faced. Hurricanes, lightning storms, night crossings through treacherous currents, reef capsizes and the theft of vital safety equipment were just some of the obstacles they encountered as they struggled to reach their goal – without the aid of any support boats or crew.


With remarkable footage of real life and death situations, the film is a tribute to tenacity and endurance – with just a touch of foolhardiness thrown in.

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